Phil Hellmuth – “Poker Brat” No More? (vid)

calm sea

Living poker legend Phil Hellmuth is almost known as much for his tantrums at the poker table as he is for his obvious skills and high levels of success at the game. You just have to go to YouTube to find videos after videos full of compilations of him losing it in hands, yet in the latest PokerStars Bonus Cut, he claims that he has mellowed as a player and we are unlikely to see that side of him again.

We are not sure we want this to be true of the all time leading WSOP bracelet winner with 13 of them. The “Poker Brat” may cause players and fans to either love him or hate him but surely he would not be the same sitting there all ‘mellow’.

Well, it is hard to change a habit of a lifetime so we are not completely convinced in what he is saying. Let’s just wait to find out shall we?