Phil Ivey Explores The Delights of South Africa (pics)

Cape Town, South Africa

With there being a little break between the major events on the poker calendar, many players have decided that this would be a great time to take some time out and have a bit of a holiday. We have had Liv Boeree in Australia whilst Jason Mercier had a nice time in South Africa and now Phil Ivey decided to explore the historic country.

It can be hard to blame Ivey after he took down the Aussie Millions $250k Challenge earlier this month for a payout of $4 million, so a cheeky vacation is an excellent way to celebrate.

He took in Emperor’s Palace, met some of the local children, got acquainted with some of the local wildlife, visited the Apartheid Museum and spent some time hiking. Whilst doing all of this he shared all of his experiences by posting pictures to his instagram account, take a look below.

We do not know what is next for Phil Ivey regarding poker tournaments and the work he is putting into IveyPoker but we do know that he should surely be more than refreshed after such a great getaway.