Phil “One Take” Ivey Prop Bet (vid)


We all know that Phil Ivey loves a prop bet from time to time, whether it’s giving up alcohol for a year, turning vegetarian for a million dollars or in this instance recording his latest Ivey Poker video in just one take.

He recently announced via Twitter that the latest promotion run by his poker training site requires players to send him pictures of their very best poker face in order to have a chance to win a personally signed Ivey Poker cap.

To further promote this promotion Ivey decided to put together a short video of himself telling players exactly what they need to do. However, it was just before recording that part, the team suggested he would need to do four or five takes. Ivey instantly asked why can they just not do it in one take, leading to a bet from his colleague that Ivey would not be able to do it one go. Take a look at the video below to see if he did indeed take down the $200 prop bet, we are sure you will find it classic Ivey and highly amusing.