Play Hansen Heads Up To Win FTOPS Main Event Ticket

Gus Hansen

Full Tilt Poker are offering players the chance at not only playing against Gus Hansen at the Galway festival heads up, but also a chance at winning a ticket into the FTOPS Main Event to be played later this month.

To enter, pairs of players have to register at the Galway festival between the hours of 6pm and 9pm. They then have a choice of playing and learning Holdem, Irish poker or six card Omaha against each other for a session before being awarded a ticket into a free roll on the 18th of this month.

The winner of that free roll wins a ticket into the FTOPS Main Event which is worth more than $600 and whilst the next ten finishers take home tickets for the minFTOPS Main Event.

The winner of each pairing at the tables will also have a chance of playing against Hansen heads up as each winners name is put into a raffle. That match will be done via laptop in a battleship style heads up game with the winner being announced after a best of three. If the player beats Hansen, they too are awarded a free FTOPS Main Event ticket. Should they lose they will still win, though it will be a ticket into the miniFTOPS Main Event.

Hansen Rocking At The Festival!

The winner will certainly have to play very well though as Hansen has really been tearing up the tables during this festival, especially in the heads up event. He won it for Ireland, so it is fair to say he will provide the toughest possible challenge for that lucky raffle winner.

If you have not seen the recent victory by Gus Hansen at the €1,000+€10 UK vs. Ireland Heads Up Championship, take a look at the footage below to see just how he went about taking down the title for himself and his adopted homeland Ireland.

It seems it is not just poker that he excels at either judging by one of his latest tweets whilst in Galway.

With the Galway Festival at its halfway stage now, be sure to keep coming back to see what is happening in the second half of proceedings.