John Duthie

John DuthieJohn Duthie might not be a name as well known as some of the other poker players around today but he is more than just a professional poker player as he is also the man behind the creation of the European Poker Tour.

He began his career working in television, eventually becoming a director whilst playing poker recreationally at first. However it was soon obvious that he had a big talent for the game and eventually started taking in bigger and bigger tournaments.

Though he has never picked up any WPT, EPT or WSOP titles in his career, his biggest win was a £1,000,000 payout for winning the Poker Million back in 2000 on the Isle of Man. He achieved this by beating a tough final table that included the likes of Barny Boatman and the ever aggressive Tony Bloom.

He has amassed total earnings from poker tournaments of more than $2,500,000, though he understandably does not have the time to put in the hours any more after he founded the European Poker Tour. He established the tour back in 2004 and has seen it grow tremendously during that time into the one most successful poker tours on the planet.

Despite being more known for introducing the EPT, he is actually a very good poker player and probably would have accrued more titles had he not pushed ahead with his dream of bringing poker to Europe more readily.

He has now taken a bit of a back seat from the game as he is far busier with the organising of events than playing them. He still takes a solid interest in the games though even when he is not playing.



Though Duthie may not have been inducted to the Poker Hall Of Fame as of yet, we really do feel that he will be inducted sooner rather than later due to what he has done for the game by helping to spread the game across the continent of Europe through the European Poker Tour.