Rafael Nadal

Rafael NadalRafael Nadal is nothing short of sensational on the tennis courts but in recent times he has been trying to serve a few aces on the poker tables as well.

He may have won countless tennis titles including 13 Grand Slams, an Olympic gold medal and an incredible 40 ATP titles, yet it seems he wants more both on the court and on the felt too.

Rafael Nadal was signed up in 2012 to represent the online poker site PokerStars and become one of their Team PokerStars Sportstars alongside the likes of Boris Becker and Ronaldo. Despite having limited poker experience, he has been determined to use his time with the site to drastically improve to a standard in where he can at least hold his own.

He has so far taken part in events at the Espana Spring Championship Of Online Poker, Espana Championship Of Online Poker and also in the PokerStars Sunday Storm thus far without really making too many waves. He did however win his first ever online tournament when he won a €10 Freezeout against a total of 47 players for the princely prize of €152.40.

His experience with the site has mainly been to play online tournaments thus far, but it has been revealed that he could be playing in the European Poker Tour Prague December 2013.


Nadal is certainly not the first sporting star to be brought in to represent PokerStars for their PokerStars Team Sportstars and is also not the last. Boris Becker who is also a tennis legend has been with the site for many years and now they have recently snapped up a former soccer star in the Brazilian player Ronaldo.

We know he is extremely busy with a rather blossoming tennis career right now, but we really would like to see a little bit more of him at the tables when he does indeed get the chance. We are fairly sure that if he was to use the dedication and commitment he does for tennis, it would not take him all that long before he can be classed as a more than competent poker player, especially with the kind of coaching he must be getting from each of the other PokerStars Team Pros.