Tom Dwan

durrrrThere is no doubt that Tom “durrrr” Dwan is one of the biggest names in poker today, simply down to his huge success at both online and live high stakes cash games.

He first started playing poker online in 2004 when a $50 deposit by his father at an online site allowed him to get to grips with the game. He concentrated on $6 SNG’s and eventually started to turn a good profit from that deposit.

Once he knew he was too good for those games he switched to heads up No-Limit Hold’em at the $10/$20 stakes and quickly started to grow his bankroll considerably. Within just a few years he was making huge sums every year. In 2007, he made $312,800 at the tables and the very next year an astonishing $5,410,000.

His online career was not all good though as he suffered a number of massive downswings against some of the world’s best players like Phil Ivey and Viktor Blom. Overall though he has managed to reclaim most of those losses and has become one of the most successful cash game players around today.

Dwan has always been a bigger fan of cash games, both online and live rather than playing in tournaments, which is proven by the fact that he has no major titles to his name despite ten cashes at the World Series of Poker over the years.

He travels the world in search of the highest stakes cash games and has now settled in Macau in order to be able to play in the richest of them all whilst also being able to enjoy his online action too.

Due to spending most of his online game time at the Full Tilt Poker site he was snapped up as Full Tilt Professional when the site re-launched in 2012, but he is no longer a pro player of the online poker room.


Despite not really being known as a tournament player, he has still recorded more than $2 million in career tournament earnings. However, cash games is where his heart lays and it is no wonder that he is always a permanent fixture on late night high stakes television shows.