Players Comparing PCA Room Views

Bahamas beach

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is easily one of the most popular stops on the poker calendar each and every year. This is obviously down to more than just the number of events, the structures and the prize pools that greet the players every year with the sublime climate and scenery easily being among the top reasons.

What could be better than getting your poker action started in 2014 in such a glorious location as the Bahamas? This is especially as the majority of the players are likely to have left climates that are at the opposite end of the scale at this time of year.

With the event being the traditional one for players to kick off their years, it has in itself created certain traditions among the players too. One such tradition that has come about over the last few years is the ‘view pictures’ that players post to their social media such as Twitter and Facebook from their hotel rooms.

Take a look at some of this year’s tweets.






It’s difficult to pick a winner from all of those glorious views of the Bahamas, yet picking the worst view is not so difficult. We are not sure if Mike “Timex” McDonald purposely chose a room with such a dour view or whether he just got extremely unlucky but we just hope the inside is an improvement.