Players Enjoying Post-WSOP Relaxation

Jet ski on water

The World Series of Poker contains a schedule of 65 events and has cash games running pretty much constantly, so is it any wonder that many players wish to have some kind of break from the game once it finishes?

Certainly not, as there is a lot of time spent sitting at tables, which would be a test for any player no matter how prepared they might be. It is not just physically challenging but also mentally, having to try and be in the right frame of mind at all times.

We have a selection of tweets and pictures from a few of the top players in the game, each enjoying their own respective breaks from the poker tables. Please be warned that some may see you becoming extremely jealous. Oh well, it just gives us added inspiration to up our games and hopefully get to the level that they are.

There is still some time until the start of the major tours such as the EPT and WPT, so it is completely understandable to have a break at this time.

Just like last year, PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree is enjoying more of an activity based break with some relaxation thrown in too. She has been on a roadtrip, taken in some downhill mountain biking, gone to see Joe Rogan and had a relaxing time in Santa Monica.

JC Tran on the other hand opted for some full out relaxation and who can blame him judging by the picture he has taken.

Phil Ivey has gone down the route of getting himself in shape and it really does show. He has hit the gym harder than ever apparently making him the type of person you would like to avoid not only on the poker table but also in a boxing ring.

PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier went the beach route, which is where the envy levels are certain to rise from both us and his fans. Greg Mueller obviously feels that there is no better way to relax than taking in a game of baseball. He got himself a great seat and was quick to share it on Twitter.

As for Phil Hellmuth and PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu, they opted to have some relaxing games of golf, which leads us to wonder which of them would win if pit against eachother. It also has us wondering if he might lose his cool should he lose, much in the same way he is famous for on the felt of a poker table.

Looks like they have all been having a great time and we hope this means that we have some fresh minds for when the European Poker Tour kicks off in Barcelona in the next few weeks as this can only lead to high class poker action.