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Poker Coincidence? The Forgotten Man Don Zewin!

Poker Coincidence? The Forgotten Man Don Zewin!

This year’s WSOP was definitely full of some memorable moments, but one of the earliest of the series was Phil Hellmuth getting his hands on yet another WSOP bracelet. That was his 12th to put him 2 ahead of his closest rivals. The funny thing was that he won this one in a non Hold’em event, the first time he had ever achieved that, he won the Event 18 $2,500 Razz.

Now here comes the coincidence, it has been 24 years since he won his first bracelet and the guy that came third that year was also on the final table to see Hellmuth win his 12th.

1989 – The Year The Hellmuth Saga Started!

In the 1989 WSOP Main Event $10,000, Hellmuth was the man that ended Johnny Chan’s bid of winning 3 Main Event bracelets in a row, which in doing so he launched his own assault on the WSOP bracelets and a record breaking poker career. It was one of the most memorable WSOP Main Events of all time; however the guy that finished third behind these two legends “Zewin” was somehow forgotten.

Zewin has stayed in the game throughout the two decades after that memorable final table. He has actually been a very successful player amassing career earnings of around $1,2 million, 19 cashes in the WSOP accounts for around half of that money.

One of those cashes was just a few weeks ago in the Razz event that Hellmuth was playing in, he had a successful deep run and was looking good in the tournament. They both eventually made the final table which also consisted of players like Michael Chow, Scott Fishman and Barry Greenstein.

Hellmuth played his usual all action style on the final table whilst Zewin was a lot more patient with his cards. With contradicting styles they both made it to heads up against each other, Hellmuth had that look in his eye as he wanted that 12th bracelet while Zewin wanted a very long and overdue first.

Well Hellmuth held a massive lead going into heads up and Zewin didn’t really stand a chance. Hellmuth won his 12th and Zewin was once again denied.

After the game Zewin was asked if he remembered much about that fateful night back in 1989, he said “to be honest all I remember was being disappointed not to win”, he was then asked if Hellmuth was as loud back then as he is today, he answered “I don’t think so, and if he was he was nothing like he was the next few years after. I guess winning that first one unlocked his cockiness”




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