Poker couples in the spotlight this weekend

Vanessa Selbst

Poker players spend a lot of time in the spotlight for various reasons, but most of them have to do with what happens at the tables. On the other hand they know all too well that they must pay the price of celebrity just like rock stars, actors or famous athletes. Whenever they celebrate a special occasion or something less fortunate happens to them, poker fans from all over the world quickly catch wind of the news. The same happened this week with two poker couples although they appear to be heading into completely opposite directions.

It was no secret that Vanessa Selbst and Miranda Forster were together for a long time, but it came as a pleasant surprise that they decided to get married this weekend. They chose New York to tie the knot and Vanessa was quickly overwhelmed by congratulations from her fans. She also found the time to thank everyone for their warm wishes via Twitter:


Good things come in bunches and the very next day both Vanessa and Miranda got an upgrade from Delta when company officials found out that it was their honeymoon. Good news spread quickly on Twitter and sharing them is just as pleasant as being at the receiving end:


On the flip side, two poker players that were married for more than six years decided to divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Prahlad Friedman and Dee Luong Friedman lived happily for a while and they had big plans for the future, with some of them translating into a Malibu party mansion that costs a small fortune. Both of them were fairly successful at the poker tables, with Prahlad winning in excess of $2 million, while his partner had to settle for roughly $100,000.

Now that she filed for divorce they will have to split the impressive estate, but at least the couple doesn’t have children so they won’t have to fight over custody. Even so the stakes are very high, but then again poker players are used to competing at this level and in the end we are sure both of them will be fine.