Poker documentary featuring John O’Shea (vid)

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video (even a short one) is even more effective at promoting online poker. Every time a poker pro features in a documentary about the game, regular players swarm the channel to catch a glimpse at the professional in action. This time, John O’Shea is the protagonist of a 52 minute film that would set those interested back just £1 to watch.

The amount is obviously insignificant even for those who are not as successful at playing Texas Hold’em or Omaha as John is, but it is still worth checking out the sneak preview. The story of O’Shea begins in 2008 when he started his career and ever since he learned the game’s mechanics, his surge fascinated players from all over the world.

The poker pro has come a long way from being a regular accountant who used to make a year, the amount that he now wins during a decent session. What motivated him to embrace a new career is probably going to be revealed in the video, but the preview gives players the heads-up.

Having O’Shea at the tables is a delight but also a constant threat as he likes to bet large amounts and keep his opponents on their toes. In the two minute preview he praises aggressive poker and explains why this style is more profitable, albeit riskier. The issue of gambling addiction is also tackled briefly, with those who choose to pay the £1 fee to learn more about what O’Shea thinks, regarding this sensitive issue.

In his line of work, tilt is the most dangerous and insidious adversary and those who fall off the wagon rarely rebound. O’Shea plays a lot of online poker and it is common knowledge that over the internet, money is won and lost at a much faster pace, especially at the nosebleed limit he frequents. Spare two minutes and watch the video then decide for yourselves whether it is worth paying the £1 for the rest.