Poker Night in America Episode 11 (vid)

Woman in casino

The televised invitation only high stakes cash game called ‘Poker Night in America’ was back once again over the weekend. Episode 11 continues on from last week’s episode and sees the return of a table full of notable poker professionals trying their best to earn a bit of profit.

This time we see the likes of Mike Matusow, Danielle Anderson, David Baker, Tom Schneider, Matt Glantz, Jason Somerville, Greg Merson and Justin Smith enjoying the action. With regards to Smith, this episode focuses on him, where we learn a little bit more about him and why his table antics will leave you in hysterics as well as broke.

Smith in this episode nominates himself as the table captain and recruits Glantz as assistant table captain, further showing his great sense of humour. He does not let this humour get in the way of his game though, especially in one hand where he busts Merson after flopping a full house.

When you consider that many of these players have won World Series of Poker bracelets, major poker tournaments and are at the very top of their professions, this table has to be one of the toughest cash games taking place right now.

This episode continues in the laughter, fun and entertainment that each of the previous episodes have offered up, with some quality poker skills thrown in too. The players at the table have to buy-in to the game for a minimum of $5k and are subject to blinds of $25/$50 throughout the game. Those that go bust are able to re-buy back in as many times as they wish.

The episode again lasts for just 22 minutes but that is certainly enough time to see a good amount of hands being played between some very successful poker professionals. There are a number of good hands too, specifically between Justin Smith and anyone that wants to attempt to take him on.

We will bring you the very next episode once it has been aired and then added to the Poker Night in America YouTube Channel next week. So just remember to come back and join us next Monday to catch up on all of the goings on during the series.