Poker Night in America Episode 15 (vid)

American flag with poker chips

Once again the latest episode of the popular televised high stakes cash game called ‘poker Night in America’ was aired yesterday and it has now been made available today for those who wish to watch it over on YouTube. The 15th episode brought another doe of entertainment and honour as well as the development of a rivalry at the tables.

The series has seen a wide variety of popular professional poker players take part, from the likes of Mike Matusow, Phil Laak, Tom Schneider, Greg Merson, Shaun Deeb, Justin Smith, Dan Baker and Jason Somerville.

This episode featured the latest recruits in Christian Harder, Chad Power, Joe Cashen and Tom X Wang and carried on from where episode 14 left off.

Each of the players taking part have to cough up a minimum of $5,000 to sit at the table and have to agree to blinds of $25/$50 with also having the ability to place straddle bets of $100. Players also have room to be a little creative with being able to run either the whole flop as many times as they like of just the turn and river.

This episode featured plenty of big hands between the pros but the big talking part was the emerging rivalry between David Baker and former World Series of Poker Main Event winner Greg Merson. They were involved in three big hands against eachother that involved quite a bit of mental game playing.

The first of these hands saw Merson holding the Qc-Jc and Baker the 8s-6s with the flop falling as the Qs-7s-3h. Merson was ahead and bet out on the flop and was called by Baker. The turn fell as the 10h making the hand Merson was holding even stronger, except he opted to check. This gave Baker an opportunity to bluff and he did. Merson folded after a long think and Baker showed the 8s to confirm that he had bluffed.

The next hand between the pair saw Baker this time holding the 10c-10h and Merson the 10s-8s. The board fell as the Kd-6d-9s-9h-9d giving Baker the full house, yet a bet from Merson convinces Baker to fold. The ironic thing is that Merson then showed the now famous 8s to show Baker that he can bluff too.

The third and final hand between the two was another cracker as Merson found pocket aces whilst Baker had the 9d-6d. Merson flops a set of aces on the board of Qd-10d-Ah but a turn and river of 7s-8h gives Baker the straight. A huge all-in bet from Baker on the river forces Merson who looked visibly angered to fold. Baker in all fairness did show his hand to show that he had Merson beat.

It is great action and the sort that you really need to check out in the video below. We just wonder if this rivalry is going to continue into the next episode this coming Sunday.