If Poker Players Were Premier League Football Teams

Premier League

You know what it’s like when you suddenly get these crazy ideas going through your head such as “If the cast of Star Wars were fruits, who would be what?” Or perhaps you don’t and it’s just us.

Well, we had a thought about which poker players would be the teams that are currently playing in the English Premier League. Yes it’s a slow day for poker news but fun all the same. Take a look at who we feel would be those teams.

Liverpool – Daniel Negreanu

Until recently, it was a great time to be a Liverpool supporter with their return to the limelight at the top end of the division. This is similar to Daniel Negreanu who has also returned to the top of the game of poker and now sits as the current best player in the game.

Manchester City – Antonio Esfandiari

Manchester City is the richest club in the Premier League so it goes without saying that the world’s highest earner of all time in poker in Antonio Esfandiari would be them. He has notched up $26,219,676 meaning he can literally buy anything that he wants… a bit like City can.

Chelsea – Phil Ivey

Chelsea have become one of the most successful teams over the years and are classed as the Roll Royce of the Premier League. Phil Ivey has to be a fitting choice to be them simply because he is recognized as one of the greatest poker players of all time.

Arsenal – Jason Mercier

PokerStars Team Pro is renowned as one of the very best poker players around today yet we have to liken him to Arsenal simply because he has not won as many titles as he would have liked. He plays attractive poker, Arsenal play attractive football and both of them are bound to start collecting the trophies once again.

Everton – Doyle Brunson

Rather surprisingly Everton hold the record for the total amount of seasons in the top division in English football. This means that only one man could represent them and that is Doyle Brunson who must have played in more WSOP events than anyone else around today.

Tottenham – Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker was the first player to win the World Series of Poker Main Event after qualifying at an online poker site. Tottenham on the other hand were the first British club to win a European Cup.

Manchester United – Sam Trickett

There is only one player that can be Manchester United and that is the former footballer turned poker player Sam Trickett who supports them. We still believe that if he had the choice of being the second highest earning poker player of all time or to play for United he would choose the latter.

Southampton – Vanessa Rousso

Southampton have played the most attractive football in the league this season which has earned them many admirers. PokerStars Team Pro Vanessa Rousso also has many admirers who believe she is one of the most attractive players in the game.

Newcastle Utd – Bertrand Grospellier

The PokerStars Team Pro Bertrand Grospellier is French if you did not already know and so are 10 out of the 30 first team players at Newcastle United. A pretty logical decision to have him as them then, right?

Stoke City – Vanessa Selbst

Stoke City have a reputation of being very hard to beat by playing a physically aggressive style on the pitch. PokerStars Team Pro Vanessa Selbst is very much like this too, she plays aggressively and is hard to beat, it really is no wonder she is among the top players in the world right now.

Crystal Palace – Ole Schemion

Crystal Palace have had a great couple of seasons, first getting promoted to the Premier League last season and now showing that they can mix it with the big boys. This has been similar to Ole Schemion bursting on the scene in the last couple of years and now being recognized as a great player.

West Ham – Liv Boerre

Each year there is a team in the Premier League that everyone loves to watch despite supporting other teams. This year it is West Ham, a team that looks good, plays good and has a couple of world class strikers to boot, a bit like PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree.

Swansea City – Roberto Romanello

Swansea City is one of two Welsh clubs in the Premier League so who else other than Welshman Roberto Romanello to be them. Of course, we do apologise to him if he happens to support Cardiff.

Aston Villa – Randy “nanonoko” Lew

There are only a handful of clubs in the Premier League that you could label as legends of the game and Aston Villa are one of them. In the same breath “nanonoko” is an outright legend in the online poker arena.

Hull City – Jake Cody

PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody is well known for being the youngest player to win pokers triple crown. He has an EPT title, WSOP bracelet and WPT title and all done whilst still kid in many peoples eyes. Hull City are also considered young in the fact that they only managed to get into the top league for the first time back in 2008/09.

West Bromwich – Viktor Blom

West Bromwich Albion have been the epitome of inconsistency this year, they win, then lose, win again and then lose. This means there is only one player that can be them, Viktor Blom who is widely known to lose and win a million in a single day.

Sunderland – Jonathan Duhamel

Sunderland are looking like they could pull off what looked incredibly unlikely a few months back by escaping relegation from the Premier League. Jonathan Duhamel did something similar in the massive hand below before going on to win the WSOP Main Event title.

Norwich – Phil Hellmuth

Every year there seems to be a team that plummets down the league and this time around it was that of Norwich City. They have now been relegated a bit like Phil Hellmuth has dropped a massive 126 place in the Global Poker Index.

Fulham – Gus Hansen

Fulham have also gone down a division after fielding easily the worst defense in the league this year. Gus Hansen is the only player we can realistically put as them after suffering another leaky year at the tables.

Cardiff – Dave Colclough

Cardiff are the second Welsh team in the Premier League so we of course had to come up with another popular Welsh poker player. Dave Colclough fits the bill and we once again hope we did not give him the team he does not support.

And that is that. Agree or disagree with the selections? Anyone who you feel would have been a better fit? We think we have nailed it but that is of course our own opinion.