Poker pros attend charity tournament in New York


The World Series of Poker is the most important tournament of the year and definitely the highlight of July for professional poker players. Much to their credit, several of those who played in Las Vegas just a couple of days ago found the time to attend the 4th annual Take ‘Em To School charity poker event. It takes place on the East Coast in New York City and brings together poker professionals, famous athletes and Wall Street executives.

They all share the same goal and bought in for the tournament knowing that all the money will go towards an organisation that promotes top quality public education. The Education Reform Now is the main beneficiary of this tournament and on Tuesday night, 25 players paid the $1,000 entry fee. This means that a quarter of a million was gathered, an impressive amount that is expected to make a difference for underprivileged children who struggle to pay for higher education.

Most of the players who bought in for the charity poker tournament had more money than skill, so many expected one of the pros to emerge victorious. Eric Seidel, Andy Frankenberger and Olivier Busquet, were some of those who bought in and all of them had a nice bounty on their head. This means that the ones who sent him to the rail cashed in on some bonuses, making the tournament even more exciting.

Andy Frankenberger showcased his World Series of Poker bracelets when he sat down at the poker table, but his opponents were hardly intimidated by his impressive record. Jonathan Cohen had no hesitation in going all in against the poker pro and even though he started as underdog, he got lucky on the river. He sent Andy home and advanced to the next stage of the tournament, while securing the bounty placed on Frankenberger’s head.

Among the celebrities that were in attendance are David Einhorn, Seth Klarman, Dwight Gooden and John Starks. Some of them made deep runs in the Take ‘Em To School tournament, others didn’t last more than a couple of hands but in this particular event, the most important thing was to participate. Even so, the winner didn’t leave New York City empty-handed, with Paul Britton being expected to play at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2014.

The chief executive officer of Capstone Holdings Group LLC won a seat at the main event, after outshining a couple of colleagues at the final table. Among those who made it this far were Normal Lai, Oleg Nodelman, John Sabat and Raza Mujaba and New York State Senator Jeff Klein. He is on the fervent supporters of Internet poker and made an attempt at legalising the game online earlier in 2013.