Poker Pros Away For Burning Man (pics)

night fire show

You might remember Antonio Esfandiari last year heading to the Burning Man and having what he calls one of the best experiences of his life. Well now, the trend is really setting in as this year a large number of poker professionals decided to take a break from modern life and technology and literally cut themselves away from the world for a whole week.

Burning Man is a festival that takes place each year in the Nevada desert that concentrates on art and culture and forbids the use of communication to the outside world. This means no mobile phones, no email and no social media for a whole week.

This time around Esfandiari, Liv Boeree, Jeff Gross, Justin Bonomo, Sorel Mizzi, Jason Koon, Mathew Waxman and Brian Rast were the biggest names from the poker scene to head over to the Burning Man and you could see the excitement building before they left.

They made sure to use social media before they left, something they would soon not be allowed to use for the week.

After a week of festivities they were back and showing their love for the experience that they had each had throughout the last week. Again they shared their experiences through social media, something they must have been dying to do throughout their time at the festival. There are some really fascinating pictures below, showing just why this festival attracts thousands of people from all over the globe each year.

You can tell from the above tweets that they each had the time of their lives and will no doubt be returning next year. We also expect quite a few more to join them once they have heard the many stories that their fellow professionals share with them.

For those that went, it is now back to what they do best. Getting back to the tables be it online or offline and playing a particular popular card game called poker.