The 2014 World Championship of Online Poker ended today with the final event being the highly anticipated Event 62 – 14:30: $5,200 NL Hold’em Main Event. There was no shortage of players who found it worthwhile to pay the buy-in for the flagship competition of the WCOOP. Not surprising, there were many professionals among them and some were kind enough to share the most interesting hands with their peers.

The fact that PokerStarts has created the ultimate tool for sharing hands definitely helps, as all the pros used BOOMPlayer for this task. Alex Millar also proved that he has a good sense of humour when he posted an unassuming hand, played in the most straightforward way possible and advertised it as his best hand at the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker.

George Danzer played a truly interesting hand in Event 60 $1,050 FL Hold’em [6-Max], $100K Guaranteed, and he managed to avoid elimination in a heart stopping hand. He played it perfectly and those who want to hone their skills and learn a valuable lesson should definitely check it out:

Christophe DeMeulder didn’t bother to preserve the surprise when he posted on Twitter, as he told the audience that this was his last hand in the tournament. Since he didn’t end up winning the event, it is only natural to assume that the outcome was not exactly favorable. Much to his credit, Chris played the hand brilliantly and only bad luck prevented him from doubling up. Draw your own conclusions, but pay attention to how the hand unfolded, as the turn of events is quite interesting:

Randy Lew who is better known by his peers and fans as Nanonoko, also suffered an untimely elimination from WCOOP event 48: $215 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Knockout], $500K Guaranteed. The final hand was dealt in the 18th level and unlike the players mentioned above, Randy didn’t suffer a shock on the river. He took a calculated risk, but Lady Luck didn’t smile benevolently upon him that day and he lost to an opponent who played ABC poker. Lew didn’t seem particularly upset about this turn of events and found solace in the fact that at least he got a bounty. There are a few more hands posted by him using the BOOMPlayer for those curious to know how he played at this WCOOP.