PokerSchool discusses another hand (vid)


When you play poker online, you get to choose the stakes you are most comfortable at, which should allow you to play your best game without worrying about the prospect of losing the stack. Aggressive poker is generally winning poker, but even so, there are strong reasons to refrain from going over the top with huge bets.

In this video, PokerSchool discusses a very interesting starting hand that gradually increases its strength all the way to the river, when it becomes a monster. Team PokerStars Pro Martin ‘AABenjaminAA’ Hruby played this particular hand, but several poker professionals give their insights about how the hand should have been played.

The analysis is quite interesting and those who care to watch the short video below, will better understand why it is always recommended to consider even the worst case scenario. Pay attention to the reasoning for the actions on each street, as these poker pros brings some powerful arguments to the table.

It all begins with the Hero being dealt pocket Queens, which is an excellent starting hand that can be played aggressively regardless of position. Hruby did exactly that but things turned from simple to complicated when the player behind him decided to reraise. Most amateurs would have probably fired another bullet, but this is a textbook situation of how players get committed Preflop with a hand that is very likely to look stronger than it actually is.

All the experts who express their ideas in the video agree that he did the right thing by calling and are 100% behind Martin when he decides to check-call on the next two streets. What makes this particular hand so interesting is that the Hero gets a straight draw on the flop while having the top pair and improves to a set on the turn, yet he continues to simply check.

The poker pros explain why this is the right way to play the hand and why these actions shouldn’t be interpreted as a sign of weakness. Martin’s hand is indeed pretty strong, but as he puts his opponent on a certain range of cards, he has very few reasons to respond with a reraise. Against opponents who draw for a straight or a flush, most players usually choose to protect their hand aggressively, but if they go over the top, it is quite possible to get pot committed while drawing dead.

We won’t say anything about the river card or the outcome of the hand, because we don’t want to ruin the surprise. Let’s just say that it is worth watching the 7 minutes video featuring the hand posted on Boom Replayer: