PokerStars $1 Million Shark Cage Episode 4 (vid)

Shark Cage poker players

The PokerStars Shark Cage was once again aired last Sunday night on Channel 4 in the UK and it brought another highly entertaining table of players that would compete for a chance at winning $1 million.

The table was a mix of professional players, an actress and a businessman and of course the one lucky online qualifier that got to take part as well.

This time the online qualifier would have to compete against PokerStars Team Pros Isaac Haxton and Bertrand Grospellier as well as Antonio Esfandiari, Shannon Elizabeth and Bill Perkins in order to make it to the final table on the final episode in which the winner will walk away with $1 million.

However, even the professional players at this table were a little shocked to discover that this week’s online qualifier is actually known for playing at the very highest stakes online and has even played against a couple of these players.

Fredrik “FiSHeYe1984” Keitel is a regular high stakes player at PokerStars and even claims that Ike Haxton once told him that he would not play against him because he was too good.

As you know, the game of poker on the show has seen a number of entertaining changes with there a shot clock and action cards that players can use to spice up the action. Players can either use a value card or bluff card on the river when betting which can have a big impact on what happens to themselves or their opponents.

Players can use a bluff card if bluffing which would mean that if they were successful, their opponent would have to spend a whole orbit in the shark cage. If they are caught bluffing however, it is they that has to go to the cage.

The shark cage did get some action this time around, especially for one player who did not seem to understand the rules very well.

PokerStars Team Pro Vicky Coren, Philipp Gruissem and online qualifier from episode 1 Gareth Coles are the three that have made the final table so far, so watch this episode in order to discover just who will be joining them.

As for next week’s episode there is another five big names joining and online qualifier with Igor Kurganov and PokerStars Team Pros Fatima De Melo and Jonathan Duhamel being among them. Each of them will be hoping to come out on top of that table in order to make it to the season ending final table.