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PokerStars 90 Billionth Hand Gives “m1sspiggy” $66k

PokerStars 90 Billionth Hand Gives “m1sspiggy” $66k

Yesterday saw the hand that literally thousands of players had been waiting for, with them all wishing it had occurred on their table. The 90th billionth hand on PokerStars was finally dealt yesterday with each of the players involved in it awarded tens of thousands of dollars. The winner of the particular hand was “m1sspiggy” who actually won $66,380.00 on top of the $1,250 for winning the pot from the hand.

In total PokerStars paid $229,630 to those six lucky players:

m1sspiggy – ($66,380.00)

Balázska87 – ($36,370.00)

carambaWOW – ($14,770.00)

guss23778 – ($48,130.00)

Kud3 – ($32,190.00)

SHUR43 – ($31,790.00)

How The Hand Played Out!

Once the hand was reached, the whole of PokerStars was once again paused, as it had been for each of the milestone hands running up to this big one. This was so that PokerStars could announce to the whole site exactly what was happening.

This led to thousands of players heading to the $1/$2 stakes table called “Ornamenta” to witness the hand about to be played.

The players on the table were initially in shock with messages such as “wow” and “sick” being written in the chat box by those involved. When the hand played out, each player obviously did what anybody else would have done and simply pushed all-in. “m1sspiggy” was the lucky player as her 4c-7c managed to hit a two pair on the board of Qh-7h-9c-4s-5d.

That gave her the pot of just over $1,200, before the players anxiously waited to see what payouts they were to receive as part of the bonus.

PokerStars has been paying awards out on every millionth hand between 89,700,000,000 and 90,000,000,000 for the past week, with a total of $1,150,000 given away by PokerStars during that period. There were milestone hands being hit almost every hour during that time, with player’s awards being determined by their VPP status.

The Next Milestone Hands!

It is being predicted that the next milestone of the 95th billionth hand will be hitting sometime during the month of February, with the mega hand of 100th billionth is expected in May at some point. The only true way of knowing though is by making sure you make regular visits to the site.

We will also let you know when those milestone hands are approaching, just like we did with this one. So by just making sure you check back with us on a daily basis, you will never miss out on the chance of winning some extra money through the PokerStars Road To 100 Billion promotions.



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