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PokerStars 95 Billionth Hand Rolls In

shutterstock_110198744All the talk of the 100 Billionth hand has been rocking PokerStars and just yesterday the 50 million membership site reached the 95 Billionth hand.

What a milestone for the most reputable site out there and as usual a massive sum of money was thrown at a lucky table, although one player appears to have missed out by sitting out! More on that later…

The player that took down the 95th Billionth hand was “RichB17” taking away $23,920 bolstering his or her poker bankroll. The table was a low stakes $0.08/$0.16 No Limit Holdem table called Pasiphae. As the hand was counted in as number 95 billion the action came to a standstill and all the players threw their chips into the middle. At the time there were 202,761 members spread across the site.

All players at the table received a minimum of $10,000 each while one would walk away with the pot, which was low! and the $23,920 prize for winning the hand.

The player that cut out was a Hungarian under the screen name of “Menfedlak”. His connection was on the blink and he was given a thirty minute window to get his act together and get his chips into the hand for a chance at the massive windfall. However, he couldn’t get there in the end and missed out on a chance at the top payout prize. He still managed to get himself a nice $10,240 in exchange for just a $15.38 chip stack.

The Winning Hand As It Happened

All the players went all in building up a pot of $114.53 to play for with the bonus that was 149,500 times the big blind.

The board read 3d-Qd-2c-6h-5h with 8 players in with a shout at the big giveaway prize.

After the board was down all the players waited in anticipation of a winner as at first “Domy07” turned over his Js-Qc hand with what looked the winning hand with a pair of queens and a strong Jack kicker. As the action swung round and there multiple mucks, probably because the auto-muck feature was in action, finally “RichB17” must sent a shockwave down the spine of “Domy07” who looked like the sure winner.

With the 4h-Jc hand “RichB17” had gained a gut shot straight draw on the turn giving him what was at the time 8% odds of making the inside 5 card. The river was kind and the 5h came out nicely while avoiding the 5d which would have possibly given another player a flush. With the river giving “RichB17”the gut shot the prize was settled with one low stakes poker player boosting his ROI well above average.

Here’s how the 95th Billionth Hand Paid Out

RichB17 $23,920

Pacheko $14,800

Yanno $13,070

Soya_aware $12,400

SAURO1980 $12,240

Popp00 $12,000

Dummkobb $11,700

Domo07 $11,660

MenFedlak $10,240


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