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PokerStars Adds a New Pro – Felix “xflixx” Schneiders

Jason MercierMore big news on the PokerStars pro front as Felix “xflixx” Schneiders has been announced as being part of the world’s largest online poker site.

Felix admitted when he heard that the Big Red Spade wanted him to fly the flag he was in shock and disbelief. However, he understands the importance of being part of one of the best representatives of poker out there today.

Felix from Germany will be part of the PokerStars pro team immediately, so we can expect to his screen name ‘xflixx” appearing in many of the big tournaments and of course being a pro in many of the tournaments Felix plays, he can expect to have a bounty on his head.

Felix has a glittering background as a poker coach in Germany leading the way for many young and new to the game budding poker fans. His coaching skills have been so well recognised that PokerStars were knocking at his door in order to snap him up as the latest pro to join their already growing and inspiring list of online pros.

PokerStars is soon approaching its one hundred billionth hand online, where we can expect million dollar cash giveaways. On top of this, the site is well renowned for matching the WSOP, WPT and EPT, as well as the many other big tournament events, through the websites flurry of tournaments and events. The most notable of all these events are the WCOOP and SCOOP. It is good to see that to join in with their success, a relatively unknown player and coach has made it in to the ranks, with the honour of being able to hoist up the Red Flag. This just shows how quickly the site has grown and that the site is still growing, and rather than lose tournaments or cut down on their list of poker pros, everything is just getting bigger. Schneiders is well known in Germany amongst the players with plenty of respect going his way making him an invaluable asset to PokerStars, so the deal has gone both ways benefitting two parties in one deal.

Since 2005 Schneider was making his first real blip on the poker radar, and since then it has been PokerStars that has most recognised him as an asset to the Red flag team of pros. His 6-max No Limit Texas Hold’em skills have been undeniably top class, with many labelling Schneiders as the specialist. He is a small to medium stakes player and is now looking for that big tournament win.

In the Germanics COOP-7 event, Schneiders came 9th out of 274 players after buying into the €320 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max event and won €4,320.00. This was quite an achievement considering he is mainly a cash player, but more recently he is coming into his own with tournament poker.

Look out for the new man on the block on the medium stakes cash players and some of the bigger tournaments coming up. You are sure to see him in the weekly Sunday Storm amongst other big event such as the SCOOP and surely the WCOOP when it finally swings around.

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