PokerStars announces ANIMA Charity Tournament

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When they sit down at the tables, poker players are ruthless and the only thing on their mind is how to strip opponents of their chips. It is only natural to be so, because the game rewards those who stay competitive and focus entirely on the game, without allowing any distractions. Off the felt though, many players are kindhearted individuals who sometimes go out of their way to give something back to the community and rarely turn down a chance to do the right thing.

PokerStars knows it all too well and that’s why the poker company is once again counting on players to open their hearts to those less fortunate. This time the beneficiaries of their generosity are animals in distress, who sometimes go through needless suffering due to neglect, cruelty or disease. A partnership between PokerStars and the ANIMA foundation in Macau promises to alleviate the pain for the man’s best friends.

A tournament is scheduled for December 7 at 6 PM with a significant chunk of the money collected being donated to ANIMA. Those who are willing to help, should know that the ANIMA Charity Tournament will look very much like the regular daily tournament hosted by PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams. The buy-in is the same HK $2,000, but this week the Deepstack NL Hold’em event will be played by slightly different rules.

The difference resides in the fact that players will be allowed to re-buy in if they suffer an untimely elimination and HK $500 of each rebuy will be donated to ANIMA. The foundation runs an animal shelter and it depends on the generosity of kind people to keep it functional, so this is an excellent opportunity for poker players to show their support. Playing their favourite game and having a chance to win a massive amount while helping the Macau association keep its shelter running is a win-win situation.

ANIMA Society for the Protection of Animals has plenty of accomplishments that animal lovers can be proud of and is fighting an endless battle to keep our furry friends safe. The foundation depends on donations and in order to fund its numerous charity projects, it needs more people willing to support this noble cause. Poker players who happen to be in Macau on December 7 should take the time to participate in this deep stack NL Hold’em tournament.