PokerStars’ Milestone Hand celebration


There is no special occasion to be marked with a promotion at PokerStars these days, but this doesn’t mean that members should forsake their dreams of winning big in May. The poker company has just unveiled its most recent campaign that goes by the name of Milestone Hand celebration and it promises to spice things up a great deal.

The mechanism behind this promotion is straightforward and there are no strings attached, with members being required to simply play their favourite game. Basically, people sit at the cash game tables they are so familiar and comfortable with and play poker, hoping that one of the hands they are will ends in six zeroes. Any limit will do, so you don’t have to go out of your way and take unnecessary risks just to be eligible for a prize in the Milestone Hand celebration.

Money-wise, a total of $700,000 is up for grabs and the first $600,000 will be split among the first 300 winners and in this case, the ones last to the party will take the lion’s share. We are yet to find out how much money will these players collect, but what is certain is that $100,000 will be split among those who play at the same games and stakes as the 300th winner.

The Milestone Hand celebration might sound too good to be true, but in this particular case, what you see is what you get. Boosting a bankroll has never been easier and with $700,000 on the table, PokerStars members have plenty of reasons to spend a lot of time at the tables and play as many hands as they can.