PokerStars announces Sunday Billion


Have you been waiting for this week’s Sunday Million to arrive? Well, actually you the Sunday Billion is coming for you at PokerStars as well.

Before jumping to conclusions and dreaming about a prize pool of $1 billion, you should know that this is a play money tournament for all of us that want to have fun.

Isn’t poker so much more than the money itself?

The Sunday Billion Event is aimed at a broad range of players, from amateurs and regulars to professionals and highrollers. While the tournament will bear many similarities with regular play money events, this is one worth taking seriously. Players will be less likely to run into people who go all in every hand, simply because they don’t care about play money.

Obviously, there is nothing preventing them from doing exactly that, but since you need 1 million play chips to buy in, the competition will be more serious. There are few who have so many play chips in their account, so those who want to participate will have to go through satellites that rewards massive amounts of virtual currency. If time is of the essence and you want to speed up the process, it is also possible to purchase play chips with very little cash.

Regardless of the path they choose, those who make it to the finish and secure a seat at the PokerStars Sunday Billion Event, won’t regret it. Among those who participate will be several Team PokerStars Pros and all of them would have a bounty on their hand. Eliminating a professional will trigger a 5 million chip reward in addition to the sheer satisfaction of outplaying an elite opponent.

It is only fair to assume that these PokerStars pros will take the tournament seriously, hoping to become the first official winners of the Sunday Billion Event. It is anyone’s guess how many players will buy in for the opening edition, but the organizers are confident that players of different backgrounds will tag along. Those who regard poker as a hobby but try to hone their skills and get better each time they sit at the tables are the biggest winners, because this tournament captures the very essence of competition.

Regulars and grinders can regard the Sunday Billion Event as a welcomed distraction and a good reminder that poker is not all about money. Having a good time and staying competitive while playing against top opponents is every bit as rewarding as cold, hard cash.

For more information check out the Sunday Billion page.