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PokerStars APPT Macau ACOP Main Event – Day 1

PokerStars APPT Macau ACOP Main Event – Day 1

Today saw the start of the much anticipated Asia Pacific Poker Tour Macau Asia Championship Of Poker Main Event, with a field of 184 players parting ways with the large HKD$100,000 buy-in.

The event is being held at the prestigious Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex where the player total has managed to amass a prizepool total of HKD$17,305.200, which absolutely smashed the HKD$10 million guarantee.

As a shorter than usual Day 1 came to an end there were still 145 players in with a chance, with the player finishing at the top of the chip stacks being Yue Hin Lam who had amassed 122,525 in chips. He was not too far ahead of the second placed player Mike Kim who had 103,900 chips and Joseph Cheong with 101,850.

It seems that Cheong is making a double pronged attack at the APPT Macau after already finishing third last night in the APPT Macau Warm-Up event.

Short Day!

The play was purposely meant to be shorter than most would expect due to a welcoming party for the ACOP, meaning the players get to let their hair down for the evening with the added bonus that play will not be starting until 5pm tomorrow local time.

The prize pool has been calculated and it means that there will be 22 players who will be walking away with a payday from this event, with the winner pocketing HKD$ 4,240,000 which translates to about $544k.

Event Underway!

Lam ended as the days chip leader but actually had a bit of a shaky start, but a double up soon calmed his nerves. It started after Marc Convey had made a raise of 425 and found two callers in the shape of Shengqing Zhu and Richard Chow. Lam re-raised that to 1,775, he was called by all three players before the flop of Ad-3d-3c hit the table.

Chow pushed another 2,300 in and was quickly re-raised all-in from Lam. The other two players saw sense and folded whilst Chow took a little bit of time before making the call. Chow was drawing to a flush and straight with the 5d-4d whilst Lam had hit trips holding the 5h-3h.

The turn and river came down as Qc and 9h respectively meaning Lam’s hand had held out. He doubled up and moved to the top of the leader board.

Notables In Action!

The high buy-in is always going to attract a certain standard of players, whilst a host of PokerStars Team Pros were also at the felt on Day 1. There was Bertrand “ElkY’ Grospellier, Angel Guillen, Celina Lin and Eugene Katchalov to name just a few.

There were other big names to with many players who had just finished in the Warm-Up event taking part. Johnny Chan, Joseph Cheong and winner Jeff Rossiter all cashed in that event and were looking for more of the same here.

We will find out tomorrow if they do in fact stand a chance of getting into the pay structure and perhaps challenging for the title.


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