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PokerStars APPT Macau ACOP Main Event Day 3

PokerStars APPT Macau ACOP Main Event Day 3

Day 3 at the PokerStars APPT Macau Asia Championship Of Poker Main Event has just been concluded, with the 140 survivors from Day 2 returning to the felt in an attempt to get themselves in the top 22 and resulting pay structure.

The sole purpose of Day 2 was to achieve that, with the very last hand of the day being the one that decided the notorious bubble boy that everyone wants to avoid. The remaining players will all be taking home at the very least a payout of HKD $173,000, though each of them will be aiming for a considerable amount more.

By the end of the day we did in fact have just the 22 cash winners left in the event with the new chip leader being Michael Kanaan who has a slender lead over Andrew Gaw of just 1,000 chips. Just over 100k behind them is Mike Watson, whilst Raiden Chan finishes up the top four with 441,500 chips.

Other notable players that are still in with a good chance of making something in this event happen include PokerStars Team Pro Raymond Wu, the British Pro Jacques Zaicik, Michael Watson, Tom Alner and Andrew Hinrichsen.

The Bubble Boy!

As the day wore on it became quite apparent that if the bubble was not ended soon, the day would end at the end of the level which was the 15th. They did decide to allow an extra fifteen minutes though, with everybody preferring to go into Day 4 knowing they would be paid.

As it happened though, with just three minutes left of the extra time period remaining we did in fact have our bubble boy. On this occasion the unlucky player was Linh Tran, he was eliminated by Aaron Lim who initially raised the pot to 38k before Tran pushed all-in behind him.

Kim had the slight upper hand in a coinflip as he held the 9s-9d and Tran the Ac-Ks, the flop soon came down as the 9c-3c-3h and that was just about that. He could still have won but would need either running aces or running kings to produce a miracle. The turn and river fell as the 5d and Jc respectively to send Tran home with nothing but a sore bottom.

Day 4 will be kicking off at just gone 3pm local time tomorrow, with each player’s new objective being to secure a place on the final table. The action at the Waldo Hotel in Macau has been high quality o far and we expect nothing less from the next two days worth of action.


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