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PokerStars APPT Seoul Day 1a – Richardson Edging It

seoulWe are really spoilt for choice with poker events around the world right now, with yet another one just starting out today. The PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour Seoul Day 1a has just been completed, with the original 122 players that walked into the event being cut down to just 50 remaining after just eight levels of play.

The man at the top of that 50 is Benjamin Richardson as he put together an excellent days poker to finish up with 111,600 in chips. He is not a clear leader as of yet though as he has Manami Hayamizu right on his tail with 104,800.

The field is expected to be even bigger tomorrow, which means we could possibly be in with a chance at breaking previous records with regards to attendance. It wouldn’t be a surprise however, given the rate at which poker is growing in popularity in this part of the world.

Those Who Failed To Make it Into Day 2!

With the EPT in London going on, it is quite understandable that some of the bigger names are there rather than on the other side of the world, though there were some big names that took part in this event with some of them failing to progress further than Day 1a.

The bigger names that did see themselves to the rail included Britain’s Sam Grafton, Stevan Chew, Robert Acton, Joseph Cheong and one of the PokerStars Team Pros in Raymond Wu and Bryan Huang.



PokerStars do still have some representatives taking part though with Xuan Liu providing the Team PokerStars Pros with hope and Naoya Kihara doing it for PokerStars Team Online, though we are expecting a little bit of added help tomorrow when Day 1b takes place.

Take a look below at the current top ten:

The Current Top Ten!

Benjamin Richardson – 111,600

Manami Hayamizu – 104,800

Wang Ping Yuan – 102,400

Takahisa Watanabe – 98,700

Park Yu Cheung – 90,000

Naoya Kihara – 88,700

Foster Hays – 85,500

Jason Lee – 80,500

Stephen Depew – 72,600

Jordan Westmorland – 70,200

The action on Day 1b will be setting off at the same time as this one, with it being 12pm local time that the players will beginning their very own set of eight levels to see if they can do enough to secure a spot in Day 2 of the event.

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