PokerStars Doing Their Bit To Help Typhoon Victims

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In case you didn’t see the news last week there was a huge super typhoon that ripped across the Philippines causing massive devastation to millions of the people that live there. It has been said that typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan was possibly the largest and most powerful storm recorded to have hit land, leaving behind it thousands of deaths, homes destroyed and people stranded with little to no food and water.

Of course, when tragedies like this happen, the world always seems to pull together and do what they can to help. Dozens of countries have supplied aid, charities have been collecting donations from people and now PokerStars has stepped in to do their bit.

The world’s number one poker site has teamed up with CARE, a global relief charity that is always on hand to help in the world’s largest international disasters. PokerStars will be asking their players to donate and will match every dollar that they receive, meaning that players will know that their single donation will be worth twice as much.

There are a number of ways that players can make their donation. Probably the simplest way is to register for tournaments called “Typhoon Haiyan Relief”. There is no actual tournament to be played, just that all of the buy-ins will go directly to CARE, after PokerStars has matched the amount of course. These tournaments will range in buy-ins from as little as $1 and right up to $1,000 so that players have a choice of how much they want to spare. Players can also transfer funds from their player accounts to a player ID called “Typhoon Fund”, another simple option for players to get their money to those that really need it.


We applaud PokerStars for what they are doing and strongly suggest that you all try and imagine what some of these people are going through before donating whatever you can spare to the cause.