PokerStars Bonus Cut – Coren vs. Williams (vid)

Hand over poker chips

The PokerStars Shark Cage has now been airing for the last month in the UK and has become a must-watch show for anyone that loves to play poker. It offers a a number of different twists on the game in order to add a bit of extra entertainment and has seen a number of very high profile players taking part.

We have been sharing these episodes as they become available online, with the last of these being Episode three last week. There will be just two more episodes of heats and then the final table, though the second series is already accepting applicants to be an online qualifier.

The last episode had the two players involved in the hand in this clip and Patrik Antonius, Maria Ho and Gus Hansen along with an online qualifier. The winner of the third heat would win a seat on the final table and a good chance at winning $1 million.

For those that have not managed to see any episodes as of yet, you should check out the latest teaser video released by the Bonus Cut that shows a hand that was not aired on episode three last week. It sees PokerStars Team Pros Victoria Coren-Mitchell and David Williams going head to head in a hand where the former seems to be a little confused as to what the Shark Cage aspect would be in the hand.

She assumes that she has the best hand and believes that  she is inducing Williams to throw in a bluff which would see him put back in the cage again if she was to call. As you can see though, it does not quite go to plan.

The Shark Cage is where players have to spend an orbit if they are bluffed on the river or have been caught bluffing on the river and really offers a different dynamic to any showdown. Losing an orbit of hands can be very costly for each of the players that are trying to win the table and make it to the season ending final table.

Anyhow, check out the clip below and then perhaps watch the first three episodes to catch up on what has been a great television show so far. Do not forget that you can watch it on television if you are in the UK, with it airing at 12.15 on Sunday nights/Monday mornings.