PokerStars Double Vision Sunday Roundup

Stacks of dollars

Yesterday was a day that many of the world’s best online poker professionals had been anticipating for a long time as Double Vision Sunday returned to see every major tournament at the site run twice. This meant there was double the fun, double the players and most importantly double the prize pools were on display. Take a look at our quick rundown of the events down below.

Sunday Warm-Up

The first big event of the day was the first run of the PokerStars Sunday Warm-up, as it brought in 3,708 players all looking to get their hands on as big a share of the $741,600 prize pool as possible. Come the end of the action however it was “newArt!st” that came out on top to take home the first place payout of $116,432.37 despite having a tough final table that included notables in Nicolas Chouity and Paul Berende.

How It Finished

1st) newArt!st – $116,432.37

2nd) russkoeradio – $86,767.20

3rd) Raaadzio91 – $61,182.00

4th) Nicolas “niccc” Chouity – $42,642.00

5th) humbe50 – $31,518.00

6th) zianbeau – $24,102.00

7th) ludovi333 – $16,686.00

8th) zapacanov – $9,270.00

9th) Paul “padjes” Berende – $5,932.80

Sunday Warm-Up 2

The next result came in the second running of the Sunday Warm-Up as another huge field of 3,499 create a prize pool of $699,800 for the players to battle it out for. We even saw a PokerStars Team pro come close to winning it as Victor Ramdin made the final table but was eliminated in 9th place. In the end the winner was “D_DIGGLER99” after the top had agreed on a chop of the prize pool. He took home a total of $76,346.44 for his efforts.

How It Finished

1st) D_DIGGLER99  — $76,346.44 (d)

2nd) Leandro “leopeluca” Csome — $83,203.09 (d)

3rd) squashchamp — $67,828.42 (d)

4th) Mikleler — $62,340.42 (d)

5th) Timbi Land — $29,741.50

6th) carlos_084 — $22,743.50

7th) kircha85 — $15,745.50

8th) zapacanov — $8,747.50

9th) Victor Ramdin — $5,598.40

Sunday Million

Next up we saw the start of both of the PokerStars Sunday Million events, with the first of them bringing in 7,431 players which established a prize pool of $1,486,200 to be shared among the 1,080 best place finishers. The eventual winner was poker professional Stefan Jedlicka after he managed to take down the win just six weeks after finishing up as a runner up in the very same the event. He took home $222,934.18 and will no doubt be setting his sights on the same event next week.

How It Finished

1st) Stefan “mindgamer” Jedlicka – $222,934.18

2nd) Doommy – $164,031.89

3rd) MagicMan254 – $118,896.00

4th) marbog1245 – $78,768.60

5th) Joe Santana – $60,934.20

6th) leggieblufs1 – $46,072.20

7th) Boxrod – $31,953.30

8th) Henwii22 – $17,834.40

9th) king2173 – $11,518.05

Sunday Million 2

The last of the events was the second running of the Sunday Million bringing in 5,666 players which established another huge prize pool of $1,133,200. This was to be shared by the top 810 players in the event and finished with “Van Razor” claiming the title and first place award of $177,235.18.

How It Finished

1st) Van Razor — $177,235.18

2nd) PIPI tapis! — $132,017.80

3rd) knif1807 — $93,319.02

4th) Runninggreat — $64,025.80

5th) Mzo. — $48,161.00

6th) 77kol0bok77 — $36,829.00

7th) loupeznik10 — $25,497.00

8th) _mauser_658 — $14,165.00

9th) bmky88 — $9,065.60