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PokerStars EPT Barcelona 2012 – 50k Super High Roller Day 1

PokerStars EPT Barcelona 2012 – 50k Super High Roller Day 1

With the Main Event having already been underway for a couple of day, it is now time for the real high rollers to get their action underway. The 9th season of the 2012 PokerStars EPT Barcelona 50k Euro Super High Roller Event finally got underway yesterday with a field of 54 players stumping up the buy-in.

This field was an elaborate mix of Europeans and South Americans as well as some of the more successful online poker pros, and after the first 8 levels of play, Steve O’Dwyer was in the leading chip position with 1,249.000 in his stack.

That made had him with almost double that of his next rival, giving him an excellent chance at winning this title. It had been an up and down day for O’Dwyer before that after he had actually busted out earlier in the tournament, though he opted to re-buy back in for another 50k, which is proving to be a good decision so far.

This decision bears remarkable comparisons to that of his close friend Justin Bonomo made the same decision in the PokerStars Monte Carlo Casino EPT Super High Roller Event. He decided to re-buy after busting out and eventually went on to win 1.64million Euros.

O’Dwyer now has every chance of emulating that feat as he goes into Day 2 of this high roller event.

Erik Seidel was another player who was having a good day 1, where in one early hand he managed to make a big impression in the tournament. It started with all of the action folding right round to Seidel who put in a small raise, John Juanda called behind him and Kyle Julius then 3-bet behind him to around 14,200.

Seidel wasn’t taking any of that though as he further raised to 34,000, with Juanda then deciding to fold. Julius responded with yet another raise to 62,800 and Seidel upped that to 100,000. Julius then decided that enough was enough and went all in for about 190,000 to which Seidel quickly called.

Seidel had the upper hand with a pocket pair of kings whilst Julius had the AK, and with none of the community cards bringing any improvement for Julius, Seidel took a massive early advantage in the tournament.

The Day 1 Leader Board:

1st Steve O’Dwyer 1,249,000

2nd Erik Seidel 738,000

3rd JC Alvarado 713,000

4th Ignat “0Human0” Liviu 656,000

5th Simon Ravnsbaek 640,000

6th Mike Watson 639,000

7th John Juanda 638,500

8th Dan Smith 585,000

9th Steven Silverman 580,000

10th Tobias Reinkemeier 565,000


Well apart from the leader, the rest of the top 10 is a fairly close call, so we can definitely expect some fireworks come Day 2 today.





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