PokerStars ESPT Valencia Day 2 – Neys Leads


shutterstock_85991479Day 2 of the PokerStars Estrellas Poker Tour Valencia was completed yesterday, as the 185 combined survivors from both Day 1a and Day 1b converged to the tables together for the first time. That number was severely reduced to just 35 by the time the action was finished for the day, with the new chip leader being Wim Eduard Neys on 691,000.

He finds himself out in front by around 160k, with Daniel Boender Paises the man who is closest to his tail.

The 35 players that remain are the only survivors from an original field of 483 that broke previous records to become the highest ever attendance at this event. Each of those left will at least be safe in the knowledge that they have at the very least earned a payout of €2,550.

PokerStars Pros All Sent To The Rail!

We started the day with a good amount of PokerStars representatives, with four of them in total. They were all eliminated one by one today though, with the only one to reach a payout being Grzegorz Mikielewicz taking home €1,950.

Along with all of the PokerStars Pros being eliminated, we are also sadly left with no more female players in the event after they too were all eliminated. Deborah Nunez was unfortunate to lose when a jack on the river sent her home earlier than she would have hoped whilst Diala House was the last remaining female to be sent to the rail.

The players will all be fighting for as high a payout as possible now today, with the highest achievable being €104,550. Could it be the current chip leader Neys, or will somebody from the chasing pack emerge as the biggest chip stack going into the final day’s action? We are already licking our lips in anticipation to discover just what will happen in this event.

The Current Top Ten!

Wim Eduard Neys – 691,000

Daniel Boender Países – 531,000

Guillermo Peña Allende – 523,000

Ivan Carmona Oteiza – 488,000

Fernando Curto Gonzalez – 418,000

Jose Javier Patiño Gonzalez – 412,000

Renato Antonio Da Silva – 388,000

Alvaro Aspas Tarrazón – 387,000

Mariusz Ocwieja – 343,000

Eleazar España Atenza – 333,000

Day 3 gets underway a little later today, with each of those 35 survivors hoping to be able to deliver themselves a spot on the final table for tomorrow. To find out for yourself just who has made that table, you know you just have to come back and check with us and we will fill you in.