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PokerStars Eureka Croatia Day 1b – Kolke In Overall Lead

shutterstock_53232910The second flight of Day 1 at the PokerStars Eureka Croatia was played out yesterday, with another 180 players coming to the felt to bring a combined field of 283 for the event. 70 of those players did enough to see Day 2 and meet up with those first flight survivors, with that action starting at noon local time today.

There were a number of big name players in the field today including for PokerStars Team Pros, yet it was a PokerStars qualifier that ended up finishing the day with the overall chip lead in this event. Christian Kolke notched up 156,600 by the time the event had come to an end for the day.

Going back to the PokerStars Team Pros though, there are two of them still heavily on his tail and playing well, with Dag Palovic and Matthias De Meulder doing more than enough to see some more action later today.

The other two PokerStars Pros couldn’t quite match the other half of the quartet though as both Christophe De Meulder (yes they are brothers) and Johnny Lodden failed to make it through. Christophe found pocket kings only to run into an opponent with pocket aces whilst Lodden was trying his best to grind his way up the field only to lose out on a big coin flip.


The players who do remain in this event will be getting prepared as we speak for Day 2, with the aim currently being to get into the top 40 paying positions. The full prize pool information is yet to be revealed but from what we know it will be available during Day 2. We will of course bring that to you in our next report.

The Leaders From Day 1b

Christian Kolke – 156,800

Bozso Achilles – 125,800

Zelijka Kvastek – 121,600

Goran Mandic – 119,000

Dag Palovic – 91,500

Matthias De Meulder – 67,400

Matej Marinovic – 59,700

Petar Zografov – 23,000

The event is now getting serious, so make sure you come back and find out which players are going to progress into Day 3.

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