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PokerStars Eureka Croatia Day 3 – Aidonopoulos Leads 12

Dubrivnik, CroatiaWe are now down to just 12 players remaining at the PokerStars Eureka Croatia after Day 3 saw 91 of the 103 that started the day eliminated. Only 28 of those eliminated made the money with them walking home with between €1,770 and €3,500. The remaining players are now set to do battle for the larger sums of money.

It was the Greek player Theodoros Aidonopoulos who topped the chip counts come the end of the day after he built up an impressive stack of chips totalling 1,118,000. That has left him with a fairly good advantage going into the final day as he is more than 300k ahead of Zoltan Gonczo who currently sits in second place.

The Greek seems to love the EPT having cashed in events four times in the past, though he hasn’t set the world alight as of yet. His largest ever score was for a runner up finish in a side event at the 2008 Sanremo for $216,503.

No More PokerStars Pros!

Amongst those eliminations on Day 3 were the two remaining PokerStars Team Pros Matthias De Meulder, who was eliminated without any payout and Dag Palovic who made the money before falling in 22nd place for €2,240.



The Remaining Chip Counts!

Theodoros Aidonopoulos – 1,118,000

Zoltan Gonczo – 802,000

Bozso Achilles – 728,000

Georges Yazbeck – 538,000

Alberto Fiorilla – 424,000

Daniel Ebersold – 383,500

Marek Uharcek – 329,500

Robert Dobai – 315,000

Boris Kuzmanovic – 275,000

Jurij Kolesnikov – 264,000

Marko Mikovic – 188,500

Paul Knebel – 160,500

During Day 3 we were able to discover the prize pool information for the event, with the top 40 players sharing €276,750 amongst them. The winner will receive €64,000 whilst the minimum payout for the remaining players is set at €4,215.

The Remaining Payouts!

1st Place – €64,000

2nd Place – €43,300

3rd Place – €26,900

4th Place – €19,700

5th Place – €15,100

6th Place – €11,400

7th Place – €8,900

8th Place – €6,500

9th – 10th Places – €5,100

11th – 12th Places – €4,215

Join us for the final piece of action at this event around the same time tomorrow, Day 4 kicks off in a few hours time and will now play down to a winner.

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