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PokerStars Eureka Croatia Day 4 – Bozso Victorious

Dubrovnik Old TwonOn the same day that the World Series Of Poker has kicked into action, we also had the PokerStars Eureka Croatia coming to an end. The twelve players that had managed to outlast the remainder of the 283 field throughout the event returned to the felt to do battle until just one of them was left standing.

It was the Hungarian Achilles Bozso who surfaced at the end with the title after defeating Boris Kuzmanovic heads up after an hour of intense poker between the two of them. They had both agreed a deal on the prize pool meaning they walked away with €59,100 and €48,200 respectively.

The Chip Counts At The Start Of Play

Theodoros Aidonopoulos – (1,118,000)

Zoltan Gonczo – (802,000)

Bozso Achilles – (728,000)

Georges Yazbeck – (538,000)

Alberto Fiorilla – (424,000)

Daniel Ebersold – (383,500)

Marek Uharcek – (329,500)

Robert Dobai – (315,000)

Boris Kuzmanovic – (275,000)

Jurij Kolesnikov – (264,000)

Marko Mikovic – (188,500)

Paul Knebel – (160,500)

The final table at this point was yet to have been reached meaning that four of the twelve players would have to be eliminated before it could be. Those unfortunate players were Jurij Kolesnikov, Daniel Ebersold, Marko Mikovic and Paul Knebel, though each of them did at least take home some money for their troubles.

After losing Robert Dobai in 8th place, we saw two players get eliminated in one hand after Georges Yazbeck managed to stay in front with pocket Jacks, when his opponents Theodoros Aidonopoulos and Marek Uharcek were holding the Ac-Qh and Ad-Ks respectively.

Yazbeck then went and eliminated Albert Florilla after his A-J managed to crack the pocket tens of his opponents. It was then the turn of Bozso to claim a scalp after he reduced the field to three players, when he sent Zoltan Gonczo to the rail with pocket jacks.

With three players left it was Bozso and Yazbeck who had the big stacks and Kuzmanovic who was struggling, yet that was all about to change. In a massive hand between the two leaders, Yazbeck was left crippled after making a straight on the river but running into the nut flush of his opponent. He was then finished off by Kuzminovic and we had our final two.

After an hour we had our winner as Kuzminovic had been chipped away at and he forced to make a move with the 9c-7c. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t have chosen a worse time as Bozso was holding pocket queens and made the call. To make matters worse, two more queens fell on the flop to give Bozso quads.

How It Finished!

1st) Achilles Bozso – €59,100

2nd) Boris Kuzmanovic – €48,200

3rd) Georges Yazbeck – €26,900

4th) Zoltan Gonczo – €19,700

5th) Alberta Fiorilla – €15,100

6th) Theodoros Aidonopoulos – €11,400

7th) Marek Uharcek – €8,900

8th) Robert Dobai – €6,500

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