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PokerStars EPT San Remo Main Event Day 1a

PokerStars EPT San Remo Main Event Day 1a

As one tournament in the WSOPE has ended as usual there is another tournament that gets underway, this time in the shape of the EPT San Remo Main Event. Day 1a is the first of two flights on Day 1 and it was completed yesterday with the chip leader being Erion Islamay with 162,300 chips.

The day consisted of eight levels of 75 minutes of which the 320 players had to navigate through to make it into Day 2.

Notable players that took to the felt on the first flight included Jonathan Duhamel and the ever enigmatic Marcin Horecki, though; they both failed to make much of an impression on Day 1a and were eventually eliminated.

Duhamel was knocked out of the event by Walid Bou-Habib in the very last level of the day, after getting his chips all-in on a coin flip with Ah-9h against his opponents pocket sevens. His hand didn’t improve and Duhamel was out, though he is likely to have another go on today’s first day flight.

Scott Seiver was another big name elimination on Day 1a though his elimination was certainly a lot more brutal than that of Duhamel’s. He successfully got all of his chips in and a call when holding the Ks-Kc on a board of Kh-9d-7s-10h. His opponent made the call with the Ac-Jc and needed either an eight or queen to make his straight with just the river remaining. The 8c arrived on the river to leave Seiver questioning his luck as he walked to the rail.

Winners And Losers!

Other of the more notable eliminations on Day 1a included the likes of Anton Wigg, Shannon Shorr, Mohsin Charania, Dominik Nitsche and Joao Barbosa.

With regards to players that will be moving on in to Day 2 we have names such as Michael Ferrel, Lorenzo Sabato, Matt Salsberg, David Peters and Mustapha Kanit. Additionally we had a selection of PokerStars Team Pros making their way to Day 2, with Jason Mercier, Victor Ramdin, Ana Marquez and Jude Ainsworth all having a decent day at the felt.

Many of the players that were eliminated on Day 1a are likely to be buying back in for Day 1b which should ensure an even larger field than there was on Day 1a. The event will be recommencing at 2pm CET with another days excitement almost guaranteed.

Keep checking back with us as we will be following this tournament right through until completion with regular reports on exactly how things shape up. This tournament promises to bring plenty of the high octane poker that we are all used too.


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