PokerStars events award $2.3 million to 1710 players

American dollars

Sunday, February 23rd was a very good day for Canadians, with the hockey team winning gold in Sochi while 2 poker players made the final table at the PokerStars Sunday Million. Sean Getzwiller won the tournament and a nice paycheque of $232k, while his countryman Buckman88 collected $78,099. They both brought healthy stacks to the final table and held on to their preliminary positions.

A total of 7,748 players bought in for $200 each, taking the prize pool to $1,549,600 and the entire amount was split among 1,170 players. The final table action was short but intense, with short stacks dropping like flies and only stalled when three-handed play began. Bazeman11 from Mexico was one of the survivors and also one of the most successful multi-table tournament players at PokerStars, with more than $1 million won in these events.

He and Getzwiller were the only two still standing at heads-up and despite trailing the chip leader, Bazeman11 didn’t accept the terms of a deal. Luck deserted him when his K-T ran into Sean’s pocket kings and he bowed out in second to collect $170k.

This is how the rest of the final table looked like:

1. Sean Getzwiller – $232,443
2. Bazeman11 – $170,456
3. veryking – $116,220
4. Buckman88 – $78,099
5. PANAGIOTIS.G – $61,984
6. perusfinne – $46,488
7. FLUSHKE10 – $30,992
8. Barakiel27 – $17,820
9. yeres – $12,009

Only 3,624 players participated in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up but the prize pool got relatively high at $724,800 and 540 players made the money. The 9 players who sat down at the final table were evenly matched, with STEALurM0NEY and Big_Slick557 sitting at opposite ends. The former started the final table as chip leader with over 7 million chips, while the latter was the only one with less than 2 million.

RigasDinamo and pads1161 had both the wits and chips to make a deep run at the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up and both of them took big chunks of STEALurM0NEY’s stack in the last stage. mora7777 flew under the radar for most of the day, long enough to outlast most competitors and was part of the deal made when three-handed play began. pads1161 had the biggest stack and as a result collected the top paycheque, even though he lost the heads up to RigasDinamo and the extra $10,000.

Check out the 9 players who made the final table and their corresponding prizes:

1. RigasDinamo – $89,060
2. pads1161 – $94,000
3. mora7777 – $75,331
4. STEALurM0NEY – $41,670
5. OshriAK – $30,804
6. bigegypt – $23,556
7. RichieA7s – $16,308
8. Big_Slick557 – $9,060
9. luigisipapa – $5,798