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PokerStars Everything Poker: Part Four (vids)

PokeronTVWe are back again with another instalment of us following the ‘Everything Poker’ tutorials over on the world’s largest online poker site PokerStars. During the first three installments (remember part 1, part 2 and part 3) we have gone from the very basics of the rules of poker, just how important table position and starting hands are and of course listened to many tips from some of the world’s most well known poker professionals.

Both of the episodes we will be covering in this article will concentrate on the betting aspect of poker. Betting is not just about putting you chips into the middle when you have a good hand, but also about other factors such as protecting your hand, trying to gain value when you have a winning hand and of course trying an all out bluff in the hopes of convincing your opponents you do have the best hand.

Episode 2.1 – Betting

During this episode, the importance of betting and the reasons as to why you should bet are covered extensively. They take a look at a number of big hands that have been played in a few large poker tournaments to explain about each of the four main reasons for placing a bet.

There is an appearance on the video from Joe Hachem who talks about the value bet. The value bet is when you know you have the best hand possible and are in fact trying to bet the right amount so that your opponent will call. Bet too much and they might fold and bet too little and you do not get as much value.

Episode 2.2 Betting Continued

The second episode we will be showing you today takes betting a little further and concentrates more on betting sizes. They discuss what actually constitutes a big, small or medium sized bet and when and why you should be making each of them.

They also take a look at one of Daniel Negreanu’s hands in the EPT London in which he notices that his opponent is betting very weakly, he uses that perceived weakness to re-raise his opponent and force him to fold despite actually having the weaker hand.

That’s just about it for now, though we will certainly be back with another article on these tutorial videos. The next episodes will concentrate on the different playing styles that player’s use and how to gather information on your opponents.

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