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PokerStars Everything Poker: Part Six (vids)

Daniel NegreanuDue to a certain poker tournament series taking place over the last month and a half it has been quite some time since we have brought you our next article which concentrates on the PokerStars ‘Everything Poker’ tutorial videos.

There are three videos this time around as the series now actually comes to an end. The videos concentrate mainly on how to play post flop poker, whilst the final video takes everyone back through the more key pieces of advice from the whole series. If you haven’t seen the first five parts as of yet, why not go back and take a look at them before continuing with this one (part 1part 2part 3part 4 and part 5).

Episode 2.5 Playing Made Hands

The first episode we will be talking about in this latest ‘Everything Poker’ article contains advice on how to play the flop. The clip involves tips on how to play the flop when you either hit the nuts or have made a hand a strong hand.

In particular they discuss what aggression levels should be used in each case. For instance, if you flop a strong hand you need to be playing it aggressively in order to make it expensive for opponents to chase their hands, whilst if you have hit a monster you should be more concerned with getting as much value from your opponents.

Episode 2.6 Playing Draws

This episode takes things a little further and has pros like PokerStars Team Pros Daniel Negreanu and Vicky Coren explaining just how players should play a drawing hand on the flop. They talk about how to identify just how weak or strong your draw is and how the action of your players will have an effect on your decision on whether to play for the draw.

Episode 2.7 A Look Back At Key Concepts In The Series

The final episode takes a look back at many of the more important aspects that have been covered in previous episodes. It’s a re-cap in many ways to allow the viewers to embed some of the more important information into their brains before moving onto the third series of videos.

They go over aspects such as position, betting, bluffing and how you should read your opponents table image. They finish things off by taking a closer look at a hand between Daniel Negreanu and Lex Veldhuis.

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