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PokerStars – Everything Poker Part Three (vids)

shutterstock_81942988As you are probably aware we have been following PokerStars ‘Everything Poker’ tutorial videos over the last couple of weeks and with this article we will bring you the next installment.

Previous articles have covered aspects such as the rules of the game of poker, the importance of starting hands and position. In this article we will look at two new aspects relevant to poker.

These are: the art of bluffing and poker tournaments.

Episode 1.5: Bluffing

This episode begins by explaining that poker is a game of the mind and the power that the art of bluffing holds for a player. The video explains in full detail:

1. Why you need to bluff. For instance, to win pots that you may otherwise lose, to put pressure on your opponents and also for the fact that if you have a good hand and never bluff, your opponents will be able to spot when you next have a good hand.

2. How to bluff: For example, only bluff when you are playing amongst a few opponents and looks for signs of weaknesses in other players.

Additionally, the video offers you the opportunity to hear Daniel Negreanu analyse a bluff in fine detail. Amongst other things, four famous poker players; Luca Pagano, Vanessa Rousso, Liv Boeree and Chris Moneymaker, all discuss various aspects of bluffing and their personal experiences.

Episode 1.6: Tournament Basics

This next video looks into poker tournaments and explains the ways in which you can look to maximise your chances of winning and ultimately mastering the game of poker. The video covers aspects such as:

• What a poker tournament is
• How poker tournaments work
• Pointers for your first tournament
• How it feels to win the Big One
• Tips on the best places to spend your buy-in

You can also find out about the busiest tournaments in history e.g. The EPT, the APPT and the LAPT. You will also have the chance to discover the different types of poker tournaments available. The video looks at these tournament types in more depth; Sit n Go’s, Rebuys, Freerolls, Deep Stacks, Turbos, Short Handed and Satellites.

Finally, a few famous faces pop up. Firstly Luca Pagano who exposes some of his secrets to success and offers some tips for you to enjoy. Fond memories related to winning a main event are also shared by Joe Hachem and Chris Moneymaker.

We hope you enjoy watching this installment and we will be back soon with more…

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