PokerStars On Football Fever

football in the net

What is this we are hearing about? People keep mentioning that there is a rather large sporting event taking place over the next month or so. Oh that’s right, the World Cup where England always seem to let us all down. You never know, they might surprise us this time.

PokerStars have decided to get in on World Cup fever by bringing in a new promotion called Football Fever. This promotion will include daily challenges, a mission week and eventually a tournament with a $1 million guarantee placed on it. It is running now and will continue to run until the 13th of July and will help to get players right into the spirit of the World Cup.

As part of the promotion, everyone will be able to temporarily change their PokerStars avatar to a flag of one of the nations competing in the tournament.

The daily challenges will give players that complete the set challenge for that day the chance to predict the winners in one of the upcoming matches. Those that get their prediction right will then be able to play in a All-In Shootout to win some money.

The Mission week takes the challenges a little further and provides a list of tasks needed to complete a mission. The week will start between the 7th and 13th of July and will award players that complete the mission a place in one of three massive all-in shootouts with a $75k guaranteed prize pool.

The big one however is the Fever Phase Tourney. This tournament will have a $1 million guarantee and will play out on the 6th of July. To get there however, you will have to win a place in the event by successfully getting through Phase 1 which is a $27 buy-in event.

You can learn more about the promotion by heading to PokerStarsBlog as we really feel that this could be the best combination of poker and football seen to date.