PokerStars Former New Jersey Customers Receive Survey

New Jersey sign

With New Jersey leading the way for state regulations allowing for online gambling, PokerStars has used its records of former customers at the site to issue them with an email survey which includes questions about each of those former customers online gambling and gaming habits.

They want to establish just how much interest people in the state will have once online poker sites start to go live and become active in the state.

They asked questions such as just how likely former players will be in starting to play online again, whether they would come back to PokerStars if granted a license and how likely it would be that they would recommend the site to their friends.

Also, because it is not just poker that will be legal but other casino type games as well, they wanted to gauge just how many of their former customers would be willing to play these other games online. Especially considering Full Tilt is about to start offering casino based games alongside their poker.

These questions were asked again about their sister site Full Tilt Poker, which has recently released plans to focus on other casino games rather than just poker. The Rational Group which is the parent company of both sites has stated that whilst PokerStars will remain committed to just poker, Full Tilt will be adding casino games for its players.

The Rational Group which has partnered with the Resorts Casino for its foray into online poker in New Jersey has yet to be granted a license to offer their services in the state, which is pretty much the case with all online gambling companies at the moment. It has been said that the earliest possible date of which they could see that being granted is in November this year.

PokerStars are certainly not new to sending their customers surveys, simply because they are always looking to keep ahead of their competition by giving their customers exactly what they want. In fact, in the past there were very strong rumours that PokerStars themselves were about to open up casino based games because of questions once asked in a survey, yet this was strongly denied.

We are pretty certain that anyone that filled out the survey will be more than interested in going back to the site if and when it has been granted a license. The state and in fact the whole of the USA has been without legalised online poker for quite some time and the fact that PokerStars have proven time and again to be the best in the business, so they should have no trouble at in bringing people back.