PokerStars issues the 7-2 Boom! Challenge


No poker hand is weaker than 7-2, but although this is among the first things that beginners get to learn, it is also the hand that many choose when attempting remarkable bluffs. The odds of improving these whole cards are slim, but this never had a deterring effect on poker professionals to play them aggressively regardless of position. PokerStars provides poker players from all walks of life with another reason to play 7-2 overly aggressive, by issuing the Boom! Challenge.

The proposition the poker company makes is straightforward and equally attractive, as it will lavishly reward players who are willing to take their chances with this otherwise terrible hand. The promotion begins on October 1 and will conclude at the end of the week, plenty of time for bold players to make their move. Those who have what it takes to play 7-2 aggressively should know that all they need to do to become a winner in the 7-2 Boom! Challenge is to win a hand.

This is obviously the more difficult part, but those who get this far should make sure not to forget about the Boom! hand replayer. This innovative tool introduced by PokerStars makes it easy to share your success with friends and followers, by posting the hand on Twitter. Since it was introduced, thousands of players have used it routinely to brag about their accomplishments, but now that the 7-2 Boom! Challenge is in full swing, the hand replayer will gain even more traction.

The best thing about using this instrument is that players can become winners in the latest PokerStars challenge without even going to showdown. If they win the pot with 7-2, record the hand with Boom! hand replayer and share it, they will be eligible for a prize. The amount varies depending on the stakes the players compete at, as the price consist of as many big blinds as active opponents at the poker table.

On one hand, this presents players with the incentive to move up the limits and compete at higher stakes, on the other it makes full ring tables more attractive. Risk-averse players will not give into temptation but settle for shorthanded tables, where it is much easier to win hands with 7-2. Thanks to the Boom! hand replayer it is possible to win by raising aggressively pre-flop and causing the entire field of players to fold their cards.