PokerStars and Jumio in ID verification deal (vid)


Poker pros take the issue of account security seriously and poker companies go to great lengths to uphold the highest standards. PokerStars has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to ID verification and by teaming up with Jumio, they are ready for the next evolutionary step. Their new partner uses the latest technology to improve the accuracy of customer ID verification, while speeding up the process.

As far as poker companies are concerned, determining with pinpoint accuracy the identity and age of prospective customers is paramount. With players from all over the world creating accounts with PokerStars on a daily basis, the workload is tremendous and so are the inherent challenges. Jumio was the obvious partner due to their experience in this line of work and their powerful software capable of processing a great deal of information.

Together with Jumio, PokerStars will compile data from driver licenses, ID cards and passports, with everything being done in real-time, for the benefit of their customers. Equally important is storing the collected information safely and the poker company assured its clients that the system is flawless and their data will be in good hands. PokerStars’ Senior Verifications Manager Richard Bregazzi came forward to announce the deal, which he regards as another milestone set by the company in its tireless effort of upholding the highest security standards.

Jumio Netverify software is immensely popular worldwide and it is already delivering excellent results for Given the success of this initial experiment, the poker company announces that in 2014 the software will be implemented throughout the network. Both parties are confident that the cutting-edge technology will help in detecting underage players while having a deterring effect on those who plan on exploiting any vulnerabilities in the system.

Poker companies need to go the extra mile in order to protect their customers. This is exactly what PokerStars hopes to achieve with this partnership and Jumio has an impeccable track record. In addition to eliminating a plethora of risks, the Netverify software will also decrease the costs of logistic by eliminating the need of manually verifying customer identity documents.

Check out this two-minute long video to better understand what Jumio’s software is all about: