PokerStars Looking To Break Records AGAIN

Record Breaker

If there is one thing that PokerStars are good at, other than providing top class online poker action that is, it is breaking records. They are aiming to once again break their very own record of hosting a tournament that has a world breaking amount of entrants.

They are set to do this by providing a $1 buy-in tournament that carries a guaranteed prize pool of $300k. The number to beat is their very own record of an astonishing 225,000 entrants and they will actually make a loss on this event by capping it at 230,000, meaning they will have to pay the $70k overlay themselves. That should just add to the incentives for players to join though.

The event will be starting at 1pm ET on the 23rd of February and it will award the winner at least $25,000 while the remaining prize pool will be shared by an astonishing 60,000 players. Of course, beating a field of that size is no easy task but somebody will have to manage it.

Despite the fact that the tournament will only cost $1, there are still other ways in which players can get into the event at a reduced prize and even for free. There will be a number of satellites running up until the start of the event that will award players with a seat in the event. On top of that, if you deposit just $10 on the site you will get a free ticket for the event, providing you use the correct bonus code of course.

Flag Avatars

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi now underway, PokerStars thought they would also let players who enter this event show their own national pride by temporarily swapping out their avatar for one that displays their national flag.  This does not only apply for this event as the players can keep the avatar for the whole month of February before they are changed back to their original avatars.

We really do not think there is any danger of this event not hitting the record, especially as they have broken their own record on many occasions so easily. In fact the cap on these events is normally reached many hours before the events start.

So mark it down in your diaries, the 23rd of February at 1pm ET. You surely do not want to miss out?