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PokerStars MicroMillions III Main Event – “axel397” Takes Title

PokerStars MicroMillions III Main Event – “axel397” Takes Title

Yesterday saw the PokerStars MicroMillions III series finally come to an end with the last event being played out. With a $1 million prize pool guarantee, there really was no surprise that so many players decided to take a punt on the event, with the $22 buy-in making it seem excellent value for money.

In the end there were 61,072 players that took part, which actually broke the guarantee by a good $200k as it stood at $1,221,440. This meant that the top 7,920 players would be paid, with the winner “axel397” walking away with $140,062.92.

With so many players, it would be fairly difficult for us to talk you through each and every one of them, so we will start with the final table. The chip counts were absolutely huge due to the amount of players that had taken part, with the chip leader by the time the final table was reached holding an astronomical 130,480,693.

The winner “axel397” was actually the second smallest stack on that final table, but it didn’t take him long to put himself into serious contention. On just the second hand of the final table, he had doubled up when all-in with the Kc-Qs beating “PSG96”and his Kd-Td.

“PSG96” was actually the first to be eliminated, despite being in second place when he entered the final table. He was sent to the rail after “numerous” called his all-in holding pocket queens. “PSG96” was praying for an ace whilst he was holding the Ah-Th but it was not to be.

We then lost two players in very quick succession as both were eliminated with three hands of eachother. “IvanLiberman” and then “davaman” had both become short stacked and were forced to make plays they would not normally make.

By the time we got down to three players remaining, “numeromis” held by far the biggest stack with his 319,783,043 being more than double both of his opponents. The players decided to make a deal at this point and chop the remaining prize pool at this point with them agreeing to play for the last $20,000.

“numeromis” fell in third before we had heads up between “axel397” and “Senter268”. The final hand of the event came when “axel397” managed to flop a set of tens whilst his opponent had the top pair.

How It Finished!

axel397 – $140,062.92

Senter268 – $105,000

numeromis – $125,000

supersimu – $55,233.51

Keiruja – $35,898.12

Royal-Pusher – $22,083.63

davaman – $13,802.27

IvanLiberman – $8,293.57

PSG96 – $5,520.90

So now the MicroMillions are finished leaving us eagerly awaiting the next installment. 100 events done and dusted in little over three weeks have certainly provided some high class entertainment.


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