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PokerStars Museum Set for the Future

PokerstarsPokerStars have started plans to create an online museum dedicated to the historical milestones of the poker site during its long existence.

The milestones will report business feats made by the online poker room in which we can probably expect the purchase of Full Tilt as a sister company to PokerStars, and the fantastic achievements made on the way to PokerStars one billionth hand all to feature as historical moments.

Most importantly for PokerStars, for the players there will be historical data available where players winning large sums of money can be sought, and tournament history for some of the larger and more regular tournaments PokerStars has on offer are to list their big winners, back-to-back winners, and repeat tournament winners.

In order for PokerStars to make this a joint effort Michael J, who represents PokerStars, is planning on getting help from the players themselves. Via email, PokerStars members can be part of the PokerStars team to help publish content in the PokerStars history books. Any screenshots of hands that may be of interest to the site and the players, live hands at PokerStars, and stories or material of how connections were made with the site or with other people thanks to the PokerStars site are all encouraged to be sent in via email.

Right now we are on the verge of one of the biggest milestone yet for PokerStars, and along the way, millions of dollars in prize money has been dished out to the lucky players on the table at the time this feature of the site hit! Yes, that’s right! PokerStars one billionth hand is on its way, and within the next few weeks we will not only have the one billionth hand hitting lucky players at the tables, but there will be huge cash prizes to be won. This is a massive achievement for PokerStars, the team behind the virtual poker room, and for the members that have contributed to the site and played the hands.

Looking back at the more recent PokerStars history, the site has achieved its aim to open a PokerStars LIVE version of the site, and right now there are three PokerStars LIVE poker rooms found in Madrid, London and Macau. Plus, if we look into the future, the site is seeking a casino licence, and so soon we can expect to see PokerStars rise into the casino industry.

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