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PokerStars.Net ANZPT Season 5 Melbourne – Day 1a

PokerStars.Net ANZPT Season 5 Melbourne – Day 1a

Today we saw the start of another major poker tournament with the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event playing out the first of two Day 1 flights. The day finished with local player Billy Jordanou holding a slender chip lead over his nearest challenger with 125,000 chips.

This ever popular event attracted 186 players for Day 1a with just 80 of them surviving to sit down again on Day 2. Those numbers means that tomorrow only needs to see 125 players to beat the attendance of last year.

Two of the players that will not be seeing Day 2 are Jackie Glazier and the talkative Tom Grigg, they were both sat right next to each other and were both eliminated throughout the day. Glazier was knocked out of the event when her short stacked push all-in was called by a big pair. Grigg on the other hand was also all in yet was ahead right up until the river when his opponent hit a flush on the river.

Two players that started brightly were Patrick Healey and Octavian Voegele but they both got involved in the same hand and Voegele walked away with all of Healy’s chips. Voegele ended the day with a respectable 92,100.

A Crazy Hand!

In one of the craziest hands we have witnessed in quite some time, Tim Eduard was the fortunate winner of a hand in which all three players involved managed to flop a set. This obviously meant each player put all of their chips in the middle, leaving Eduard to walk away with a large pot; he ended up with 44,900 by the end of the day.

Hachem Fashionably Late Yet One Of The Big Stacks!

Joe Hachem made a late appearance into the event, yet it did not seem to derail his chances in any way as he stormed out of the blocks. His defining moment came when he risked all of his chips on a draw versus a player who held pocket aces and got lucky. Another hand saw him hit a straight whilst his opponent held top pair.

He is now in the top ten stacks of the day with 111,800 and will go into Day 2 full of confidence, Day 1b starts at 12pm local time tomorrow with a large amount of players expected to beat all previous player records.


The Current Top Ten:

1 Billy Jordanou 125,000

2 Robbie Stewart 123,400

3 Minh Nguyen 113,100

4 Kwong Phung 112,500

5 Joe Hachem 111,800

6 Igal Augarten 108,100

7 Fabrice Ho 102,700

8 Manny Stavropoulos 93,000

9 Matt Naughton 92,400

10 Derek Davor 84,600





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